Science Fiction Story

Posted on December 17th, 2012

Imagine you have been shot out onto a new planet. Your body is helpless in the new environment. You don’t understand the language, you’re confused, disoriented. You’re completely dependent on larger beings around you. You quickly learn to adapt to their needs, both their physical way of treating you and their psycho-emotional needs, becoming who they need you to be. Over time, you forget some of the talents and values and views that you brought with you, in favor of what it is that they need of you. Because after all, your survival is at stake.

The planet is earth, and you are a baby.

Now, years later, you have grown to adulthood and can function more independently on the planet. Now you can be strong enough to reclaim more of your original self. You will need courage, because the veil of forgetfulness is held in place by fear. But you weren’t born to live in a trance of self-forgetfulness. You were born to open into full awakeness. You may need a guide to help you sort yourself out, but the opportunity to recover more of who you inherently are is available to you.

Grasp that opportunity. It is your birthright.

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