Out of the Swamp

Posted on October 29th, 2012

In a culture whose ultimate values seem often to be about what you have and how you look, it is easy to lose track of your inner life, or to be confused about it when you are aware of it. But if you focus too much on externals, you can get trapped in a swamp of self-doubt and even self-loathing. Behind the facade of your daily life, loneliness, a lack of intimacy in relationships, or a loss of meaning may also plague you.

Because many people around you seem to be in the swamp too, you can easily believe this is just how it is, it’s ‘normal.’ This is not true, but other people stuck in the swamp can’t show you how to get out of it. Instead you need a guide, experienced in finding and moving along paths out of the swamp, to help you find the way which will work for you, your own path. This is what a therapist can be.

Although we are not talking about a physical swamp or a physical path, the analogy holds a lot of truth. When you are living a life over-focused on externals, your sense of yourself does seem caught in a swamp, easy to get bogged down in and hard to move through. In contrast, when you have developed a strong connection with your inner self, you will feel that you are on a path, and be adept at following it with ease.

Therapy in these terms is the experience of being met by someone who can understand where you are, who is adept at helping you resolve your inner confusion and establishing a reliable connection with your inner self, and who can provide close support while you find your way to integrating all of this with your life. This is what I provide as a therapist.

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Please remember, this is a blog. It is not psychotherapy or treatment of any kind and is not a substitute for the individual treatment you can get from going to see a good therapist.