Life Force

Posted on February 14th, 2017

Deep at the center of our being, there is a life force seeking expression.

This life force isn’t a personal thing. It is the same universal force, expressing itself through all the endlessly multiple forms of life, ants, trees, ponds, cities, galaxies. We could say that human beings are a special case, in that we have a consciousness unique in the known universe. But everything has its own unique consciousness, everything is an expression of the life force, endlessly creative as it moves in and through all of its different forms.

To the life force, all expression matters, and all expression matters equally. The momentary radiance of a breezy spring morning is as important as the discovery of America, the first steps on a new continent. Important isn’t even the correct word; the life force does not measure, it expresses, it creates, with a fierce pride whose expression is all the beauty of the world, all the force of love which holds us together.

Life is really very simple when seen from this perspective. We are expressions of life, and every way we unfold and manifest ourselves is enjoyable, admirable, worth treasuring, sacred. Life is a celebration, and not just some apparently exceptional moments. Every moment is exceptional.

Once you understand this in your body, once you feel the vibration of life expressing itself in you and around you, life becomes magical. Watering a plant, waiting in the dentist’s waiting room, baking muffins, all magical, all exceptional.

It would be a mistake to conceptualize this experience, to make it into an idea that you could think about, a principle from which other principles could be derived (‘be kind to plants’). This is a blind alley we, as human beings, are prone to going down. For the life force, all expressions are equally significant.

What are we to do then? How are we to live?

That’s really up to each of us. How we live is to be determined by each of us in our unique way. We can make the world any kind of world we want. What kind of a world do we want to make?

It’s tempting to step back from ourselves, to say I am only one human being among billions, or a tiny part of an immense universe. But from the perspective of the life force, there are no parts. We are all, and what we do, how we live, how we express ourselves matters profoundly.

This is the opportunity of life, the opportunity to experience and to express our uniqueness. There is a force deep within us, at the center, impelling us forward. Accept its agency and its urgency. Allow yourself to truly live, to live fully. There is nothing else. Forget your schemes and intrigues. Open up the doors of life and live!

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