Live from your Center

All of life happens in the present moment. Increased awareness of this moment–now–and of yourself in the moment provides an increased experience of life, more joy, greater fulfillment.

Our natural condition is an open awareness of each moment as it occurs. Anything less than this results from blocks developed through misunderstanding, misperception, or the absence of authentic self-knowledge. The process of self-awareness I teach creates and supports the opportunity to move beyond these blocks and to greatly expand your experience of living in the present.

Awareness springs from the center, and the work begins with locating and developing the capacity of your own center. The process is a simple one, focused on encouraging and noticing your presence in the moment. This is accomplished both in our sessions and through suggestions for activities to further your progress between sessions. Anything in your life can be the catalyst for this process: unresolved past concerns, present-day difficulties, or desires for future change. The process allows you to utilize these opportunities to more readily experience your aliveness and presence now.

The primary benefits of this process are:

  • A deepened sense of participation in the events of your own life
  • An increased respectfulness toward yourself and an expanded willingness to act on your own behalf
  • An increased experience of freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of action, freedom of purpose The experience of knowing yourself is simple, immediate and profound. No preparation beforehand is necessary.

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