Life-changing Counseling & Psychotherapy

If you have arrived at this page, it’s probably because you are dealing with change in your life, either trying to make a change, or working to absorb change which is already happening.

I help people change. I have been doing this since 1985. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), licensed by the State of Maine, and working in Portland, Maine, with both individuals and couples, providing awareness-based counseling and psychotherapy. My premise is simple: increase your awareness of what’s going on in you and in your situation, and you can respond more effectively to opportunities for change. The content of my work with each client is unique to that client, but the methods I use with each spring from the same root: an exceptionally attentive awareness to what is actually going on within the client and between us while we are working. I am right there with you throughout our sessions, helping you to see yourself and your situation more clearly.

This is initially a process of insights, but insights are not enough. They require grounding in action, to have a real impact in your life. So we work on how to apply what is learned, and I provide support for you to move forward, in a way and at a pace that fits you. The result is a life which is deeper, freer, more alive.

My work with couples has this same perspective, but with an added complexity. When the change you want is a change in your relationship, the participation of both partners is necessary. Couples counseling makes this a collaborative process rather than an adversarial one, as couples learn how to serve as a positive support for the growth of both partners in the relationship.

Working with me begins with a free introductory session, an opportunity for us to meet and learn whether we will be likely to be productive together. An initial meeting can be arranged by sending me an email message or by calling me at 207-773-4413.